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Welcome to the Unofficial Yamaha VL1-m Website. The Yamaha VL1-m is a physical modeling synthesizer which creates sound based on calculations of physical systems of objects, such as vibrating air columns in tubes, or vibrating strings. This synthesizer does not use sampling or any prerecorded sounds -- all sounds are created in realtime in response to MIDI information. The VL1-m is especially suited for use with a MIDI wind controller or keyboard with breath controller.

This unofficial homepage has been on the Web since 1995. I do not work for or represent Yamaha Corporation -- I am a believer in the expressive power of physical modelling synthesis as realized in the Yamaha VL1-m. All trademarks used in this site are the property of their respective owners. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of any information at this site or links herefrom. Thanks to all who have sent me links and other VL1-m related information. Have a good visit and enjoy the site!


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