Yamaha VL1-m Thoughts and Info

...a very unofficial page...

The VL1-m Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer from Yamaha uses Physical Modeling Synthesis, where different parts of an actual acoustic instrument are modelled in the synth's memory. Acoustic drivers (trumpet mouthpiece, bow, reed, flute mouthpiece) are 'connected' to different resonating objects (pipe, string), and the sounds are derived from the interactions of these components. Due to the nature of interacting physical systems, the sounds can be driven into chaos, with very interesting consequences. The resulting sound can then be modified with effects, including 5-band parametric eq, delays, reverbs, tube and transistor amp and distortion simulators, and cabinet simulators. The VL1-m is the module (3 rack unit) version of the 49-key VL1. I play the synth with a Yamaha WX7 wind controller.

Computer-Based Editors

The Yamaha VL1 Expert Editor for Macintosh is available at the on this site.

I am not aware of any site hosting the Windows version. If you find one, please contact the webmaster.

Rocky Bernstein (rocky@panix.com) has some Perl voice utilities: VL1 Version 1 and Version 2. You should also read the GNU General Public Licence.

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