VL1-m Audio Clips

I have recorded some sounds from the Yamaha VL1-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator, using a Yamaha WX7 MIDI Wind Controller. These clips were recorded using a RAP-10 soundcard in an old 486, converted from 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo to 11.025 kHz 16-bit mono, then saved in .au format using G.711 u-Law encoding. This was the best compromise of disk-space-economy and sound-fidelity that I was able to achieve. I hope the clips will give you a better idea of the enormous potential of Virtual Acoustic technology.

Arco Bass -- Bowed double-bass. 23 seconds, 254K

Bagpipes -- Drone with chanter playing a melody line. This is a two-element voice -- I played the drone note, hit the 'hold' key on the WX, then continued with the melody. 24 seconds, 262K

Bassoon -- plays a short melody, with some staccato notes. 21 seconds, 232K

Clarinet -- Some scale runs, some legato. 20 seconds, 226K

Deep Space -- "Soundtrack-type" spaced-out sounds. 20 seconds, 217K

Digeridoo -- Australian Aboriginal instrument. 14 seconds, 156K

"EWI" -- An Akai-EWI-type sound for us WX/VL players. 19 seconds, 216K

French Horn -- Traditional classical brass instrument. 20 seconds, 220K

Fife -- Plays a short melody. 16 seconds, 178K

Guitar+Bass -- Example of a 2-element voice, using the VL's pitch change effect for a 3-voice guitar part plus upright bass. (All played in one pass on the WX -- no sequencing.) I used Patchman Music's voices for this one.17 seconds, 190K

Hydrophone -- Large sheet of metal in a hailstorm, or something. 12 seconds, 137K

Flute -- A C-flute, available at my Archive page as C++Flute. Chromatic scale, arpeggio, then a short passage from a Poulenc sonata. 22 seconds, 239K

Mode X -- Sounds like a metallic sheet being played with a reed mouthpiece. This is an example of a sound obtainable only with the Straight Horn Insertion in the Ver. 2 algorithm. 32 seconds, 345K

Mad Tube -- Intense, almost violent sound. 15 seconds, 166K

Shinai -- Rough-sounding Middle Eastern double-reed. 17 seconds, 191K

Sitar -- Classical instrument of India. 13 seconds, 149K

Tuba -- Large humorous brass instrument. 18 seconds, 204K

Yak -- Not the prettiest thing you ever heard. 19 seconds, 208K