Korg X50 and MicroX Shared Multisamples

If you’re trying to move patches between the Korg X50 and Korg MicroX, they will only sound the same if they use the same multisamples. Most, but not all of the same multisamples are available on both machines. Here is a PDF that lists the common voices of both machines:

Common Multisamples

If your patch uses an unshared multisample, you should to edit the voice before moving. This will change the sound, but the resulting sound will be the same on both machines.

If the multisample is has a spelling difference (i.e. “Vibraphone 1” on X50 vs “Vibraphone” on MicroX), you should edit the patch after moving it. I have not listened to all the samples on both machines, but I believe the spelling is the only difference between them. The patch should sound exactly the same or very similar.

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  • John Laumen:

    Hello John,
    Do you oqn an X50 and a MicroX ?
    I have both machines but I am wondering why the X50 has the .xall files and the MicroX another format , do you know ?
    Why can you find on internet enough patches for downloading for the X50 but for the MicroX you can find nothing at all.
    Ism’t it possible to load X50 files to the MicroX on a special way ?
    I am looking forward to your replay,
    Best regards out of the Netherlands,

    • Hi John,
      I do not own a MicroX. I imagine the X50 is more popular than the microX, so more patches have been created for it. The internal architecture of the 2 synths is nearly identical, which is why they share the same editor software.
      The .xall format is for exporting an entire bank of sounds. This is really only useful for backing up the sounds on the X50.
      Since the sample mapping is slightly different between the X50 and the MicroX, you would want to import individual X50 programs using the Load command in the microX editor program. These end with .X1prog.
      You can get answers from a wider variety of people at http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=46. This is a forum devoted to the X50 and microX.
      John K

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