“Opening” from Glassworks by Philip Glass – Corrected Score

I was under the impression that the Sheet Music Plus company was a reputable source of musical scores when I bought a PDF copy of Philip Glass’ Opening from them. I was wrong! The score had at least 6 mistakes! I struggled for months with it, until I listened to Glass play it (many, many times) and identified the errors. This was not a quick process, mostly because I trusted that Sheet Music Plus must be selling accurate copies. It took me from last August 2022 until May 2023 to get it all figured out.

When I contacted Sheet Music Plus to notify them of the mistakes and request a refund, they dismissed me out of hand. There were no refunds on PDFs, period, even defective ones. After I posted several negative online reviews, then they replied that I should have notified them immediately. Well, I just couldn’t figure out the problem immediately, I’m not that great a musician!

So, for anyone else who’s been burned on this score, here’s a corrected PDF. If Philip Glass requests its removal, I will comply. “Opening” from Glassworks by Philip Glass – Corrected Score

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