Experimental/No Genre

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December, 2015 Second draft of a performance plan with poet Janet Hamill for the New Year's Day Poetry Marathon at St. Mark's Church. 2 Poems with Musical Interlude 2 Poems with Musical Interlude
July, 2013 Another genius composition by Al Margolis from my bari sax recordings. Brent Bari Brent Bari
June, 2013 I provided the bari sax sounds, Al Margolis did the mix. Bari Wave Bari Wave
December, 2010 Reluctance Reluctance
First of 2 parts from a tape-loop project Inductance I Inductance I
Part 2. I entered it in a CBC Composers contest. It was aired, but no prize. Inductance II Inductance II
In performance with Tekst at the Music Gallery, Toronto Touch Touch
A fragment of a later version of the same piece. Touch Revised Touch Revised
Recorded with Tekst, the words and vocals are mine. Part B Part B
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OK, call me a genre-junkie. Here are more light-hearted songs in a mélange of styles.
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Trombone player Juan Tizol got $25 for writing this tune. Midnite Caravan Midnite Caravan
Dig that bari sax solo! Funky Celebration Funky Celebration
You might think that a famous British rock band wrote this song, but they didn't! They stole it from Rev. Robert Wilkins of Hernando, MS, the true author. Prodigal Son Prodigal Son
My tribute to one of Jamaica's great musicians, Desmond Dekker. The Israelites The Israelites